Winter olympics ski jump. PyeongChang Ski Jumping - & Videos

Winter olympics ski jump. Once Prohibited, Women’s Ski Jumping Is Set to Take Flight

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PyeongChang Ski Jumping - & Videos

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The image of ski jumping burned into the brains of generations of Americans is actually the image of a man not ski jumping. In , during a competition in Germany, an ill-prepared Slovenian named Vinko Bogataj shot down the hill in a crouch, but tipped backward a few yards from the end. From there, the blundering escalated quickly. Bogataj slid briefly on his rear, then began whipping around ferociously, his long skis twirling like a propeller. As he spun off the hill into the crowd, his goggles shot off, like a shard of food ejected from a malfunctioning blender, and his body ripped down a promotional banner hanging in his way. Finally, after much bouncing, he came to a stop.