Top 10 photographers in nigeria. Top 10 Nigerian Photographers You Should Know – How Nigeria News

Top 10 photographers in nigeria. 10 Best Wedding Photographers In Nigeria

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25 Top Photographers in Nigeria That Cannot Be Ignored

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Photographs are simply the best ways to save memories and Photographers are the best bet in achieving this. In Nigeria, the media focuses on music artists, actors, and footballers, with little or no attention to this group of people who provide timeless content captured in either still or motion pictures. In the past, photographers were seen as jobless people who go about with old cameras doing wash and take pictures. Today, its a whole new world of art, creativity, and aestheticism. Some photographers specialize in celebrity shots, others do photo-journalism and some others love to travel and take nature just the way it is. He launched his career as a graphic designer and illustrator who brings a unique blend of experience, vision, and distinction to his style of photography. He has photographed several Nigerian celebrities and dignitaries, including former president Goodluck Jonathan.