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Ozark nude scene. Ozark (2017-present) Nude Scenes

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Heralded as "Breaking Bad for people who love Jason Bateman ," Ozark takes a Chicago financial advisor named Marty Bateman , adds in a career filled with money laundering for a Mexican drug cartel, and then throws in a move to the Missouri Ozarks in attempt to save the lives of his wife Lauren Linney and two kids. The Feds are after him, the cartel is after, and even the local strippers are after him - the latter of which you wouldn't think would be a problem but is. One of said strippers in played by Quinn Cooke , who gives Jason a topless lap dance lucky dude and Lauren Linney even joins the party by showing her ass in a sex tape. Nude - as Young Darlene Snell. Nude - as Darlene Snell. Sexy - as Wendy Byrde.