Layer cut for long straight hair images. 80 Cute Layered Hairstyles and Cuts for Long Hair in

Layer cut for long straight hair images. 80 Cute Layered Hairstyles and Cuts Long Hair

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80 Cute Layered Hairstyles and Cuts for Long Hair | Hair | Long hair styles, Hair styles, Hair

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Long straight hair is being given a fresh new look this year with the addition of asymmetry, choppy layers, shaggy cuts and new half up half down up styles. Asymmetry is a strong trend that shows no signs of going away for quite a while. And now the new hair designs are making symmetrical haircuts for long straight hair totally out of date! We love wearing the asymmetrical short cuts with one side shorter than the other, but now the fashion has spread to long hair! The edgiest styles for long straight hair are layered through the lengths with one side cut to be shorter than the other.