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Images of princess diana hairstyles. Princess Diana Hairstyles

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By Sarah Vine for the Daily Mail. In early photographs, she always kept her head down, as though that silky, strawberry blonde curtain might act as a visor against the sudden media glare. At the same time, however, the cut was rather modern and, crucially, short — which, for a future Princess, was unconventional. With hindsight, perhaps that ought to have been a warning that beneath her gentle exterior beat the heart of a rebel, someone who knew her own mind — even if she did not yet have the confidence to show it. It also made her easy to relate to. It was the kind of haircut thousands of young girls had, from myself — about to start starting for my O-levels — to The Nolans, Sheena Easton, Kiki Dee and the many fans who bopped around to them on Top Of The Pops. So it was actually Shanley who gave her that first iconic flicked and feathered cut, and who later styled her hair for the wedding.