Hot pregnancy images. Sexy Nude Pregnant Women Banque d'images et photos libres de droit - iStock

Hot pregnancy images. Sexy Nude Pregnant Women banque d'images libres de droit

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15 Hottest Pictures Of Pregnant Celebs That Will Cause Serious Envy

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Back in the day, crazily, being a celebrity and being pregnant was kind of a taboo subject. They would do this for months and months, for as long as possible, before that baby bump started to become prominent and gave the game away. It was weird how being a celebrity and being pregnant was actually deemed to be rather shameful — ludicrous that that was the case. Although it might be uncomfortable, be a totally new experience, celebs embrace that baby bump, and many actually love it— it gives them an opportunity to do some amazing photoshoots, take some awesome pregnancy pics. These are 15 hot pictures of pregnant celebs, celebs who rocked their baby bump and looked fabulous. Singing sensation Alicia Keys began dating rapper Kasseem Dean, who goes by the name Swiss Beatz, back in , and things progressed pretty fast in their relationship. A couple of years later, they were expecting their first child, got engaged, subsequently got married, and then four years later they announced that baby number two was on the way.