Honey gold hair color images. 10 Blonde Hair Colors for Dirty, Honey, Dark Blonde and More - Southern Living

Honey gold hair color images. 60 Looks with Caramel Highlights on Brown and Dark Brown Hair

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's Honey Blonde Hair Color Shades - Dirty Blonde and Honey Blonde Celebrities

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Honey blonde is the perfect balance of a rich, light brown and a bright and vibrant blonde. The versatile hair color can somehow make you look sun-kissed, back from tropical vacation, or like a fall dream ready for apple picking adventures—all at once. Plus, because it's not too dark, subtle, ashy or brassy, it's flattering against a range of skin tones. Let these 20 celebrities inspire you to hit the salon or buy a box of dye and live your best honey blonde life. This is a woman who we're guessing has never experienced a bad hair day. The supermodel has tried many different looks , but keeps honey blonde in regular rotation.