Jenelle evans breast implants before and after pics. Jenelle Evans Plastic Surgery, Boob Job, Lips Filler, Before After Pics -

Jenelle evans breast implants before and after pics. Jenelle Evans Plastic Surgery and After Lip Fillers

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By Daily Mail Reporter. The year-old MTV reality star unveiled her new body in a Victoria's Secret bathing suit while at the beach in North Carolina over the weekend. Right, before surgery in The single mother to son Jace, 2, increased her bust from a B cup to a C. She told her Twitter followers today that she was in pain following the surgery and the bandages from her operation were visible under her bust. Jenelle had been planning on having a boob job for several months now, with a source saying she 'got tired of having small breasts. She posted a picture just before the operation last week wearing a surgical cap and gown prior to her operation, looking cheerful and giving the thumbs up.