Gettysburg images. 16 Unbelievable Photos From The Battle Of Gettysburg That Look Nothing Like You Imagined

Gettysburg images. “A Harvest Of Death”: 33 Haunting Photos Of The Battle Of Gettysburg

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For anyone who has taken a history course, it seems that the Battle of Gettysburg is primarily contextualized by an event that followed it: the Gettysburg Address. But with Lincoln's th birthday this week, it seems only fair to honor the horrific event from which that speech was born. And these photos from the Battle of Gettysburg certainly bring the event to life beyond our history books. Fought in early July of , the battle took place between the Confederate and Union armies in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It created the largest number of causalities in the war and is seen as its turning point. After such a significant defeat, Lincoln used the events of the battle and his address to change the course of the war. The loss at Gettysburg opened up the dialogue surrounding black Americans' freedom, a concept Lincoln wanted to move beyond the Emancipation Proclamation and into the battle field.