2018 winter olympics luge crash. Luge at the Winter Olympics – Women's singles - Wikipedia

2018 winter olympics luge crash. The intense turn that created a scary luge crash has become the feared section of the Olympics

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American Luger Emily Sweeney OK After Scary Crash | Time

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Eight years after the death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, who suffered a fatal crash on the day of the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Games, the sport was briefly and frighteningly reminded of its inherent risk. Lugers strap on their gear, lie prone on their backside and traverse curve after curve at insane speeds, and can find themselves pinballing from one side of the track to the next with just one errant move — as did Sweeney, who put her feet to the ice in an attempt to steady her progress but then toppled off her sled, drawing a team of medical personnel to the ice and leading to a minute delay in competition. Athletes racing after Sweeney stood atop the track and waited, unable to completely refocus until they saw two USA Luge members share a smile. But lugers accept the bumps and bruises, and the scares, as part of the sport. I know what it means.